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Print Set Request - New Forms 2019

I see that we have the 428 5Year Summary in 2018 but not in prior years. I would like to have the 428 5Year Summary added to years 2012 to 2017.

I would like to have two new provincial forms added to 2012-2019.

  • 428 2Year Summary
  • 428 2Year with % change

You don’t mention which module this request is for, but in T1:
The 2 year with Variance and % and 5 year with Variance are available for all years - F4 > 2 year (or 5 year)
The 2 year is even in the default tabs above the tax return.

In T2:
5 year Comparative is available in all years. F4 > 5year (multiple choices there)

I agree about a 2 year with % in the T2 module would be nice, though most of my clients don’t give a rip. They are just interested in keeping the tax bill as low as legally possible…