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2015 T1 Schedule 4

Nothing major but unsightly. Previous year Schedule 4 information is carrying forward into the 2015 T1.

That is actually helpful sometimes

That would be rare. Many lines to delete unnecessarily with a client with many T5’s.


I think you can use the “Delete Zero Lines” Quickfix to solve it all at once.

The problem, I think is that we are carrying forward lines that were generated by slips… we should just be carrying forward lines where the values were entered directly on the S4.

I’m looking at this now.

~ Cameron

Cameron, can you add the ‘delete zero lines’ to the T2 - S100 and S125.


Actually I found it very helpful when I am completing many flow though shares and recording the carrying charges on the S4 for them and other investments. It is very nice to get those descriptions carried forward. Other than this, I would agree

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yes, those descriptions should carry forward

That makes sense.

If memory serves me correct I believe this happened last year as well.


Yup, and refresh carryforward will add all those lines again.

Fixing all this today, for all years. We are releasing an update next week with some Quebec stuff and some client manager tuning… we’ll include the fix in that release.

~ Cameron