Minor bugs and workarounds

I just noticed something with transmitting T4’s. I rolled a bunch of CCH Taxprep files forward. It looks like all the slips that are carried forward have a “0” entered in the employment code field. This causes Taxcycle to throw an error when I try to transmit. I had to go back through all the slips and remove the “0”.


That was an issue if you used the carryforward (just from TaxPrep or Cantax), with the January 8th version of TaxCycle.

If you carryforward those files again, the zeros will be carried forward as blanks.

If you’ve already done other work in the file, you won’t want to do that of course, so for the next version of TaxCycle, we detect the zeros and give you a quick fix that will remove them all, on all the slips (just one click).

Thanks for your patience, and apologies for the inconvenience.

~ Cameron