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Carryforward Donation Descriptions

Is there an area in Taxcycle where I can turn off the Carry forward of Donation names? I know in the Options you can uncheck the Carry forward slips (which may include donation descriptions) but I don’t see anything specific for Donations. It’s cool if such a feature doesn’t exist, I just don’t want to go through the entire tax season deleting pre-populated lines on the donation schedule only to find out I could have carried forward the T1 returns without donation descriptions.

I see I can hover over on one of the descriptions while in the Donations Worksheet and “Delete all Zero Rows”.

This method works for me. :slight_smile:

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In the review you can hover over the light buld and deleted all zero rows

Since the topic was brought up it wouldn’t hurt to have an option to not carry forward donation descriptions. Personally I always just clear the old before posting the new. I like saving clicks where I can. :slight_smile:

In today’s release:


Awesome, Thanks Cameron!

@cameron, you know how we can get rid of the zero donations carried forward…

can you put a similar right click on the S100/S125 in the T2 to get rid of zero GIFI codes?


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I take it we still cannot transfer individual donations between spouses by a right click like you setup in profile?

Sometimes we need to use professional judgement with donations.


Still on the list.

I know it sounds easy, but we don’t have a way presently to add custom items to the context menu on a form. As you know, we do this type of action using quick fixes, which we attach to review messages. In this case, there is no review message, so no where to do that, which means I need to create a new mechanism.

Anyways, I am still hoping to do this soon. After the first one is done then similar requests are easier to accommodate. :slight_smile:

~ Cameron

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[quote=“BertMulderCGA, post:7, topic:1122”]
can you put a similar right click on the S100/S125 in the T2 to get rid of zero GIFI codes? [/quote]

This worries me a bit… I don’t know that I’ve noticed any zero GIFI codes on T2 returns. Any zero’s I’ve come across in 2016 have a value in the previous year column. Maybe after the next carryforward (into 2017) I’ll notice what you’re talking about.

@snoplowguy that is cause you do not import GIFI from QB… QB throws zero lines in there, even on accounts marked inactive…

I would not worry too much about this @snoplowguy . I usually only have a line to delete once in a while after importing most files from Caseware. You get a review question on the line so it is a quick delete line.