Year Picker for T2 module

In the start menu, why isn’t there a ‘Year Picker’ on the T2 module just like all the other modules.

I’m working on my last few December 2021 T2 for the last month, but every time I open a T2 file, it defaults to my 2022 T2 folder. I’m sure there is a way to fix that in my options (if only I had more time but it’s the end of June, so there isn’t much extra), but even better would be a layout of the start menu similar to all the other module, where you can see the current and last couple years front-and-center, and toggle over to see previous years.

I second that.



I posted this in the suggestions category so they can see it - please go vote it up!


I vote against…


Personally I don’t see a need for a year. Once you click new T2, you enter in the start date and year end date and it is all set up for you to process in that particular year. I would not play with a feature that already works well

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I agree with you, mjeconsulting, regarding creating new T2 return - that’s not my issue.

I was referring to the UX related to opening an already existing T2 from the T2 Start Menu. When you click on ‘Open’ in the T2 Start Menu, it takes you to the most current year. Back in June, while I was working on my last few December 31st year-end, it kept taking me to the 2022 folder, which was a few clicks away from where the files I needed were actually saved. Not the end of the world by any means, but given that they already have the Start Menu configuration for all the other tax module arranged by years, I wonder why it’s not the same for the T2 module.

Unlike T1 files, which I keep in separate folders based on the T1 year, I keep all my T2 files in one folder. When you click to open a T2, it presents all the files. I just type the first couple letters of the name and I can see all T2 files for that client. It couldn’t be easier. Speed is not an issue, either. For my filing system, the current setup works perfectly. The program opens whichever T2 year I choose, using the correct version for that year.

You could still setup all years to look in that one folder if that is your preference.

Yes, I do have my setup to look in that folder for all years. I’m not against a change since I realize not everyone uses the same setup. I just find this very easy to manage.

@fabien ah I see. I usually just search for the name of the client, but I do understand your request now.