T2 Home Page

Can we please get the T2 home page to look like the other modules with the Years listed?
Thanks for your consideration

Personally, I like it the way it is… corporate fiscal years are not always equal to calendar periods - the current method keeps t simple


Which is irrelevant - if the return I want to open has a fiscal year end in 2019, I’d like the option to open a 2019 return rather than having to browse from the current year folder back to 2019

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Can’t seem to like your original post but it makes sense to me from an organizational point of view at a minimum.
Clean consistent look as well.

Would love to see it on the Doxcycle side of things as well but I can’t seem to get any traction for that idea. Would save a few clicks going back to look at prior year docs. I make notes in tax files of certain year Doxcycle files with future relevant documents.