Would like to show rounded numbers for instalments in T1 letter

I would like to get rid of the cents on the quarterly instalments in the CLetter. CRA doesn’t ask people to pay anything other than whole dollars, and I don’t want to either.
How do I format this?


Would also be nice to set a default method of calculation as well. I personally prefer to have amounts agreeing with CRA’s amounts to avoid confused clients. I currently override but as I have said before - I hate overrides.


You can round any field on the client letter you like:

{{ format(BalanceOwingField) }}

Drop the field suffix, which brings along the default formatting for the field, and add , “C0”. C stands for Currency formatting and the 0 is the number of decimals. Starting with the field we had above, you’d be left with:

{{ format(BalanceOwing, “C0”) }}

… that should do it.

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If there is a manual explaining the syntax to be used in modifying and/or creating templates and data monitors, where can I find it?

If there is no such manual available to the user, why not?

It is still a work in progress would be my guess. In the meantime, @Elizabeth is the person to contact if you have specific questions. She is what they call an expert :grinning:

There is also some good documentation on the main website under templates. It is nicely sorted. At some point though, it would be wonderful if there was a complete listing of the functions, syntax, and hidden fields and constants. In the meantime, I have found that Elizabeth and Cameron are excellent resources.

Thank you @matthew

The quick links for the topics that can help are here:


I’m a little behind adding answers to the questions we have had in the last couple of weeks, like the one in this thread, but I am tracking them and will update the documentation as soon as I can.

FYI. The next TaxCycle release should have instalments rounded to the dollar in both T2 and T1 client letters.