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Is it possible to have the instalment calculations default to option #2 instead of option #3? We are finding that clients get confused by the March 15, 2016 amount if we forget to override the form.

I have asked for number 2 to be a default for 2 years. I agree that offering different figures (than CRA) to my clients would be confusing to most who are mostly my senior clients. I know I can override and I do but I hate overrides and I would think most would agree 2 should be a default with our option to choose another.

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In my opinion, that should be a global setting that we can choose as a default for all our clients, just like we pick the optimization options.



Hope you had a great T1 tax season.

We will add a default instalment option for new and carried forward files. Also, on the instalment worksheet, we will allow you to manually select the instalment option to your liking without having to do an override in the check boxes.

We will do this to T2 first as that is the next imminent release coming up. Thanks for your suggestion.


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Did this happen? I don’t see it as an option and we seem to still have to overide to choose option 2

That would still be a nice option.

Would it be possible to allow the instalment worksheet to incorporate instalments that have already been made, i.e., clients may have already made March 15th personal tax instalment, which I would like to enter into the worksheet and then have the worksheet update the instalments to indicate the instalment that has been paid and recalculate future instalments based on the March 15th instalment made. This can be done manually on the letter but it is very time consuming especially since most of my T1 returns are done after March 15th. If this is not available in the T2 program it would be great for that also. Thank you.

Hi @jriley @Arliss @BertMulderCGA,

Sorry about the long delay.

When we release the first version of 2017 T1, the instalment worksheet will have an instalment option selection override drop down that will override the automatically calculated method selected by TaxCycle.

This drop down can be preset from T1 options so that you can select any instalment option to apply to new or carryforward files.

If you have a T2 module, you can check it out already in the T2 instalment worksheet.

@clpcca, we have not forgotten your request to allow payments to be entered to offset instalment payable. So, stay tuned. Thanks!


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Hi Steven,

Any update on adding to the T1 the ability to enter instalments that may have already been paid on account of the current year, i.e., 2018, similar to the ability to do so in the T2?

Also, if the return is being sent to the client after March 15th, is there any way for the client letter to automatically indicate that the March 15th instalment is remitted ASAP?

Thank you.


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