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Workspace option


Is it in the works to be able to set an option so that when a return is opened (T1, T2, etc.), all the tabs that were left open from the previous save will not be open (i.e. an option to NOT save the workspace)?

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It’s not in Monday’s release but I am looking into it for either later in December or January. The final decision will be based on how much testing is required after we make the change. I’m optimistic that it will be straightforward, but we’ve not made a final determination yet.

Thanks for your patience… I’ve not forgotten this one. Our internal reference number is 11236, logged on October 30th. You email address is tagged in the notes, which typically means I send you an email when the feature is implemented.

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~ Cameron


@Cameron, Thanks. I know you guys have a lot on your plate and I wasn’t sure if it had been added a something to look at. I appreciate you letting me know the status.



Done for the next release. Thanks for your patience.

~ Cameron

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