Windows Alternative Search - add-ons

I find the basic search functions in Windows to be too limited to be effective or efficient when cleaning up duplicate files or versions.

I am also tired of Windows Explorer failing to find my file by name because the contents is hidden in some special directory of embedded within the program files. This capability become critical when preparing to migrate from one computer to another and when you set-up or options files are located in some hidden folder with my programs or elsewhere.

Here are a couple of options to consider:

  1. Search My Files by Nir Sofer -
    Recommended by Woody at Office Watch
  2. Directory Opus
    I have tried and really like this as a robust alternative without needing to do anything but ignore Windows Explorer.
  3. Other apps recommended and reviewed by “MakeUseOf”
    Free Commander
    Altap Salamander
    Tag Spaces

I use a program called “Everything”. It has real-time updating and an easy to use search function. You can setup bookmarks to search in specific folders (I have bookmarks in my personal tax folders and my corporate tax folders). You can use wildcards to search for files as well. I haven’t used all the features but find it invaluable to find files.