Any experience with or for secure file sharing

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has used either of these services for secure file sharing, and what your experience has been like with them? In particular I’m wondering if their sync clients (that handle updating files on your local PC) work as well as the options from the big guys.

Both these services are Canadian based and really value security, so we are looking at them to possibly replace Dropbox, etc.


I work with I would rate it 7/10. It works mostly well, but I had a computer crash last year and in the process of disconnecting the obsolete computer and connecting a new one in, it duplicated and moved a lot of my files. Took me a while to clean up. And maybe I did something incorrect in there, but I can’t think of what it would have been.

Otherwise, fairly straight-forward to use and happy with it. I use it to create shared folders with clients and that’s been handy.

I haven’t explore too many of the team features, so can’t speak to that effect.

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We have been using for several years and are quite satisfied. We have not done a lot of sharing from our end but what we have done has worked well. Several bookkeeping clients are using it to share files with us and that sharing is working excellent. What I really like about Sync is that it’s not in your face like OneDrive and Drop Box. You can even set it to not load automatically. Try doing that with OneDrive or Drop Box :weary:. . . .


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Thanks @fabien and @harlen for the feedback - much appreciated!

I’ve started testing and have been impressed so far as well. I’m going to make the sync engine jump through some hoops this week and see how it does.

Definitely not for everyone and it largely depends on your internet connectivity and the amount of responsibility for management you want to assume but using a solution like allows you to keep all data in house as you are the host… :slight_smile:

I would recommend e-courier for portal and secure file sharing. It also integrates with Taxcycle and Doxcycle.

Stay tuned for e-Courier’s new powerful software release coming this fall which features a mobile and tablet friendly user interface and many more innovative features.