We are improving the EFILE transmission processes for next season. Tell us what you think!

We are working on changes to the transmission process in TaxCycle and we’d like your input on the design. Please post your comments on these designs. We appreciate the help.

What’s behind this design effort

When we first designed the TaxCycle Transmit sidebar, there was only two or three transmission types (T1 EFILE, SEND and T1013). A few years have passed and that list has grown to include T1135, NetFile QC (for some), not to mention the different T2 filing types. This summer, we’re also adding Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) requests.

For a long time we also have wanted to create a way to transmit all the family members’ returns in one easy step, without doing a batch transmission in the Client Manager.

Finally, after a few years of using the Transmit sidebar, there are areas where we think it can be improved to help people understand how it works and the status of a particular transmission type.

Our goals and the designs

The designs address three goals. Each has its own post on the community forum to make it easier to review and provide feedback. Just click on the links to view each design.

  1. Improve the EFILE and transmission design to make it easier to tell the status of each transmission type. In particular, make it easier to distinguish at a glance which transmissions are still outstanding from those that have been sent. See designs and give feedback.
  2. Create a way to transmit several types of returns/forms/requests in one step. See designs and give feedback.
  3. Add a way to transmit all family member’s returns at once. See designs and give feedback.

Please review one or all of the designs and reply to each post to ask us questions or tell us what you think. Some of the notes include items that we have specific questions, but please don’t limit your feedback. All ideas and comments are welcome!