Tell us what you think... Add a way to transmit all family member's returns at once

The mock-ups below (click on the images to see the full picture) show designs for a new Transmit Family item under the File menu.

Please review the designs below and reply to this post telling us what you think. The designs include specific questions. They are meant to determine whether the design is intuitive. If you can’t figure out an answer, tell us what you’d expect to see. Go with your gut reaction. It will help us see where there are improvements we can make in the design. There is no right answer. All ideas and comments are welcome!

#The goal#
Add a a way to transmit all family members’ returns at once.

#The designs#
Look at the two images below (click on the images to see the full picture) and answer the following questions based on your first instinct.

  1. Which picture shows the returns are ready to transmit? How do you know this?
  2. Why do you think some taxpayers’ names appear on the left and not on the right-hand columns?
  3. What’s the difference between the first column after the blue sidebar and the second and third?
  4. How would get to the place where you enter your EFILE number and password?
  5. What do you think happens if you uncheck a person’s name on the left?
  6. Where would you go to resolve outstanding errors before transmitting? If you would click on something specific, tell us what you would click on and what you think would happen when you do.
  7. What do you think the “Confirm signature upon transmission” option will do?
  8. What does the blue asterisk mean? If you don’t know, what would you do to find out?

#Next steps#

Did you enjoy this process? Check out these other two opportunities to provide EFILE design feedback:

  • Improve the EFILE and transmission design to make it easier to tell the status of each transmission type. In particular, make it easier to distinguish at a glance which transmissions are still outstanding from those that have been sent. See designs and give feedback.
  • Create a way to transmit several types of returns/forms/requests in one step. See designs and give feedback.