Tell us what you think... Transmitting several types of returns/forms/requests in one step

The mock-ups below (click on the images to see the full picture) show two different states for the Transmit sidebar. One where the sidebar is ready to transmit several types and one that still requires attention before transmitting.

Please review the designs below and reply to this post to ask us questions or tell us what you think. Some of the notes include items that we have specific questions, but please don’t limit your feedback. All ideas and comments are welcome!

#The goal#
Create a way to transmit several types of returns/forms/requests in one step.

#The designs#

  1. What do you think the check boxes mean in each transmission box?
  2. If these boxes are automatically checked based on the defaults set in options, which ones would you want checked by default?
  3. At what point will the Transmit Selected button become clickable at the bottom? What is preventing it from being clickable in the outstanding errors image?
  4. What do you think the blue asterisk means?
  5. Why do you think there is no checkbox on the T1013 Transmission Successful and the T1 EFILE Transmission Rejected box? What would you do to re-transmit either of those returns?
  6. Anything else you would like to tell us?

##A. Outstanding errors (click to view full image)##

##B. Ready to transmit multiple types (click to view full image)##

#Next steps#

Did you enjoy this process? Check out these other two opportunities to provide EFILE design feedback:

  • Improve the EFILE and transmission design to make it easier to tell the status of each transmission type. In particular, make it easier to distinguish at a glance which transmissions are still outstanding from those that have been sent. See designs and give feedback.
  • Add a way to transmit all family members’ returns at once. See designs and give feedback.

I think that when the rejected icon shows, the checkbox should still show. If the transmission type is selected and it just failed, we should then still disable the “transmit selected” button.

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The Changes look good.
One suggestion I have is Regarding a customer that I have that is a new Canadian and this was their first year filing taxes in Canada. They own foreign property but since this was their first Year they do not have to file the T1135 but tax cycle would not let me transmit the return unless I did.
Also on the T776 it would not let me add the address of the foreign property correctly as it would not accept as there was no Canadian province or postal code. Beside that this is my second year and I will be continuing to use Tax Cycle next year
Thanks J.R. M T and T Accounting

Thanks for these notes.
We will look at allowing the foreign property question to not be answered in the case of a newcomer to Canada to align with the fact that the T1135 is not required for that year.
We have it on our list to allow for a foreign address to be entered on the T776 and automatically transmit the client’s home address postal code with the rental property address for EFILE.

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