Using Dropbox

I have setup a dropbox account and placed files in dropbox, seem to still have an issue with files not syncing.

Do the folder names in TaxCycle options, client manager monitored folders and the dropbox files have to match?

Are the client manger monitored files the local files, the dropbox files or both?

The short answer is ‘yes’ they all have to be the same.

Each TaxCycle installation that you want to synchronize with Dropbox should have its own (optionally private) Client Manager setup.

The Options/Folders are where TaxCycle opens and saves your tax files. So these folders will be set to where Dropbox looks for your tax files. On save, Dropbox will synchronize those changes to all of your workstations.

Client Manager will automatically index your tax files when they are synchronized down locally from Dropbox, so the Monitored folder(s) will need match those of Dropbox as well. If not, Client Manager won’t know where to find them and miss any changes.

Once you have setup your Options/Folders, on the Client Manager Monitored Folders options view, you can click the “Reset folders” button to have Client Manager use the same folders so you don’t need to enter them twice.

Hi Andrew
Thanks for the response.

I have changed all files to be the same, when I list returns on client manager, all returns are being duplicated

Don’t know what the fix is


If there are duplicate files, you may need to perform another Client Manager index with the “Remove existing file information before indexing monitored folders” option selected. This will remove all references to files, but leave your clients intact.

If this fails to solve the issue, I would suggest a database reset. This will clear all of your database records. Then you will need to run an index. After indexing you will only have references to your tax files in the new folders.

Thank you Andrew

that did the trick