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Updating Templates

In yesterday seminar it was mentioned that CRA is moving to the 5 digit field codes. We normally update our templates for auto filling the T2125, T776, T2076, 2042, etc.

Will the changes to the CRA business statements between now and tax season affect the imports?

Thank you


I am very interested in receiving a list of the new five digit codes whenever Taxcycle may be able to release that information. I would like to update my templates, tax organizers, and workflow notes. Normally I send the client tax organizers out in late November. I can easily send an updated version anytime. However, I really don’t wish to be scrambling in mid February to update all my tools. In the past CRA has not been very kind or timely with sharing this type of information publicly.

Personally i am also very interested in this
Hopefully once anyone gets the info would they loke to share

CRA will allow us to release the new forms on December 16th.

If you are using the excel templates to auto fill your T2125, our field codes will remain the same, so your existing templates should work.

Dominique Dabolczi-Fekete

Would love to know if you share those Excel worksherts for T2125 etc

The one I used in the presentation is based off of those shared here: Excel templates for business and rental