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Unable to drag pdf from outlook to doxcycle directly

I am using version 9.0.381113.0 and just started noticing that I can no longer drag pdf files from outlook directly to doxcycle. Has anyone else run into this issue or is it just my system?

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I think it’s outlook that has changed, somewhere along the way. We’ve tried to adjust for those changes. Can you try this version of DoxCycle, which we’ve updated to accommodate??

[Edit] - I’ve removed this link as the version here creates an incompatibility between versions if you are using the tape. We’re working to sort that out, and will post an official release once we have done that.

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@Cameron I cannot get the file to update, it keeps rolling back the update.

it is an outlook problem not doxcycle. have had this for awhile it is something in the latest version of outlook.

will try this build if it is ok Cameron.

Update: it is back working again thank you Cameron

James did you get it installed

@James1 - can you try uninstalling DoxCycle first, and then installing the download?

Works as it used to now.

Any chance there will be a major release any time soon?

Would be great to have an enhanced start menu.

I may have to reboot my computer and try again, install or uninstall last about 5 seconds say they are done and nothing actually happens. I will worry about in June 2nd

i update to this build with no problem

Thanks! Worked great here also.

@verlin , @pugs1 , @arliss -

Note that we don’t recommend using the tape with the version we made available for downloading on this thread. It introduced a change that saves the tape in an incompatible format, so we’re not sure that we’ll be able to maintain tapes saved with this version. We are looking at this now.

for now i do not use the tape feature but when you have another to test just let me know