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Dragging From Email

This time of year I get lots of emails from clients with messages regarding various items. I know we can drag and drop email attachments into DoxCycle. Is there a way to drag and drop the email itself into DoxCycle? I would like to keep these emails in DoxCycle since they often backup the numbers used on the return.

You guys must go nuts this time of year with the many requests for changes!

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I think you can only drag the attachment into Doxcycle. If you want the email you would need to print and scan. @Cameron talked about importing emails awhile back; however, I do not think it was finished.

Thanks @james1. I’ve been printing the emails to OneNote, exporting as a PDF and then dragging the PDF into DoxCycle. Obviously just dragging the email itself would be preferred. Email seems to be increasingly used for asking and answering questions so it would be great to be able to drag and drop the responses. If there’s an easier way I’m all ears.