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Uccb (rc62)

How do I put the UCCB amount on other spouse. I.e. Wife received 1440 in UCCB but it is diverting to Husband, I want to put it on Wife’s return.

The UCCB must be reported by the spouse with the lower net income. TaxCycle automatically determines who should report it, that is why it is diverting to the husband. My guess is he’s the one with the lower net income?

Yes he is but, but in this case the clients wife went and got her tax return prepared elsewhere and that company added the UCCB to her return and never even asked about the husband except to ask was his income more or less than hers. Shaking my head that they processed without more details. Anyway. I am preparing the husbands return and then doing a comparison to show the benefit of doing both returns together. Thanks I was hoping there was a way to just show him the difference when both returns are completed together. Instead, I ended up just preparing his separately and then a combined return to show the difference. With all the credits available, there is a difference of close to 1500 less then when not optimizing

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With that comparison, they will probably decide to get their returns prepared together next year!

He has asked me to do an adjustment. And yes next year they will be bringing in both returns to be filed together.