Transmission of client phone number(s)

Can someone at TaxCycle please advise whether the client phone number(s) entered on the T1 info screen are transmitted to CRA. I can never remember being advised about this, but it appears they may be being transmitted?

I was looking for something similar yesterday, questioning what is being transmitted to CRA. I hunted through my file directories and couldn’t locate the TaxCycle .TAX files which is what I review to see what is transmitted. Where are the .TAX files stored - I can’t imagine that they would be deleted after transmission?

With the client’s T1 return open Click on “File” and then “Info” and click on “History” to View the history of a file. Beside the “Successfully transmitted EFILE data” log you should see a couple of diskette icons. If you “save transmission content to file” it will give you the data that was sent to the CRA; what we used to refer to as the Return Transmission Unit.

You should be able to look at the file and confirm the client phone number does transmit to the CRA. It looks like it may just the primary number, and not mobile phone number, work or fax.

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Just did that - and it IS transmitted.

File is an XML file, so open with an XML editor or change termination to .xml and open with Edge. What I don’t know (yet) is if ALL phone numbers are transmitted. @snowplowguy have you verified that the others aren’t? Not sure I have ones with multiple numbers. Usually just their cell.

Not sure I like that - especially without notification that it is a “transmittable field”!!

I appreciate your reply, @snoplowguy. Exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you.

@SmallBizGuy, I just looked at the transmission log for a file transmitted today.
Only the Home Phone was transmitted. The Mobile phone was NOT transmitted.

To open the T183 transmission log, I’m using Note++
It does a decent job in aligning the field codes to make them readable.

If you look at a paper tax return you have been providing phone numbers for many years in the past. They ask the taxpayer to certify the return, provide a phone number and the date they signed it. If they do not have a phone number then they must contact taxpayers by mail.

Never put them on paper returns, ever, when I did paper-filing, which I don’t believe I’ve done since…1991 (whatever the first year of efiling was). I want CRA calling me - not the client.

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Don, we met you and your wife many yrs. ago @ Buffalo Mtn. Lodge
My brother who has T2 requirements, in addn. to a couple’s T1 rtn’s,
Would like me to find out if you are considering new clients? Thanks

PM sent - should be in your mailbox.