TFSA Transactions

I noticed on the AFR screen that TFSA items are not available “through AFR 2016”. Does that mean the items might be available next year? I’ve had a couple clients reassessed for TFSA overcontributions. We might be able to head this off by getting the TFSA information, regardless of whether it’s not related to the tax return.

As of today, CRA will not be including TFSA data in AFR for next season but they have taken note to look into adding it in for the following season.

The deadlines for reporting by financial institutions, and CRA’s processing speed of those reports, would determine how useful the data would be at any point in time.

Thanks Allen. I realize this all depends on the speed and accuracy of the information flowing from the financial institutions and then from CRA. We users would have to preface any communications by the standard “according to the information available to us at this time”.

I’m wondering if there is an update to the ability to have TFSA contribution activity downloaded from CRA (since the original query a couple years ago). I have a younger client who was charged an overcontribution penalty recently. The information is available on Represent A Client but we can’t review every client’s TFSA information. Having this downloaded when we prepare tax returns would certainly help flag these situations.

CRA receives TFSA information for the calendar year by February of the next year. This is why Represent-a-Client says it is as of January 1. It is therefore dangerous to rely on CRA!