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Telephone numbers

Where does the Client Manager pull the displayed phone numbers from?

I ask because I just noticed the displayed phone number for a client is an older number. The 2014 & 2013 T1’s have the new number but what is being displayed is an older number.

Likely no auto update/check for changes of the number after the field has been populated

I’ll need to investigate this. What Client Manager should be doing is using the contact details from the newest saved return since this return should contain the most current details. If you open an older return and save it, Client Manager should retain the most recent details.

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It should I would think grab info from the latest file.

EDIT: You beat me by mere seconds.

I notice the same thing happening with the name if has been changed in the file.

When opening an older return, the clients search result (display) is being refreshed with the older returns content. This makes the phone numbers section show the numbers from the older return. The contact details are being stored correctly. A quick re-search for the same client correctly displays the most recent phone number. I’ll need to update the logic that refreshes search results for display to account for this and retain the most recent details.

The client name – this is a little different to the phone number and contact details. The clients name is being updated with the details from the last saved return. Again, the name details from the newest return should be retained. I’ll need to update Client Manager to handle this.

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The client manager still reverts back to old names for me. Was this supposed to have been addressed?

I’ve fixed this behaviour but it required a database change. There are a few other database changes in the works and I wanted to roll these up into a single release to minimize disruption (a database index will be required).

You can expect this to be resolved before the end of the year.

My firm is listed as the “Contact Person” for all of our T2 returns.

In the Client Manager, it displays my firm’s phone number as the client’s phone number in the majority of the T2 files. On some of them, however, it correctly display the client’s phone number as the phone number. In these cases, my firm name and phone number are still listed as the Contact Person, so I don’t understand how the CMM could treat some clients differently. It seems to me there are only 2 places where TC could pull the phone number from a T2;

Not that it particularly matters to me, it just seems odd…

I have posted a new TaxCycle beta that includes a fix for Client Manager reverting back to old names.

Client manager does not update client’s new mailing address from latest return.

Did you click (highlight) the latest return?

Yes. Several times. Displays the client’s address from 3 years ago. she’s moved twice since. What I don’t understand is on her client manager’s mailing address box, it shows updated 2018/02/24.
She has a tenant who moved with her, at the same time; his updated mailing address is correct but his mailing address shows updated 2017/12/31…

Older details are displaying for me as well. This had been addressed so it has crept back in in one of the last releases.

Any new info/solution re: this issue?

I have taxpayer first names listed as they would have been in earlier years as opposed to more recent filings. I too would like this tweaked again so the more recent details display.

I removed the indexing of my last year with Profile and it seems to have corrected the issue.

I think you identified the problem. All the wrong addresses etc. from client manager are related to imported files from Profile when I switched to Taxcycle a few years ago.

Indexing older addresses and competitor files is now resolved. If you haven’t updated already, try TaxCycle v7.1.32984.0.

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