TaxCycle Release -13.1.52339.0

@Elizabeth The release with the CRA certification was there momentarily and it then disappeared… what is the ETA for release?

Hi @paul The release notes were published accidentally and then taken down. Good news is that we’re close to the release. It’s in testing now and is planned to go out this week once we have all the approvals in place.

Thanks…will it also include the increase to 20% for the rural portion of the CAI?

Since that change of the rural supplement to 20% is included in Bill C-59 which has only yet passed first reading since it was introduced on November 30th, we were hoping Finance would announce the 2024-25 payment amounts to then make one update for all.
Given the date, I will make that one adjustment today so it is included in the release.


Needs a name change now as well I guess.

@Arliss We’ll get the rates in for this release and the full name changes for the letters etc. will come in the next one.

Thanks for the update :grinning: