A Couple of Things I Learned About Modifying Templates

Not an issue or anything… just some positive learning experience comments

I had been trying to customize client invoicing somewhat, including the conditions upon when to print the CInvoice and when to print the JInvoice. I thought I had done everything correctly, but was getting unexpected output. For instance I had set the conditions for when to print which type of invoice, and whenever I went to print a return the software would either keep printing the Single invoice for a coupled return and no joint invoice, or neither of the invoices would show up as being checked in the print selection. It got to the point where I was actually starting to repeat what I had already done on prior unsuccessful attempts, with an expectation of different results…lol. Yes, I was saving and re-opening the client’s file every time I completed an edit, but this did not seem to work.

After playing around for quite some time what I discovered is with every saved edit to the “Used” or “Relevant” section of the invoice templates, I actually needed to go into Options–>Print Selection and REMOVE the CInvoice and JInvoice from the print selections, hit Apply, then add them again, and hit apply again. Once I learned to do this things magically started to work how I had hoped.

My issue after that was in trying to determine why both the CInvoice and the JInvoice would both print for a coupled return. The logic in the default template for the CInvoice was the “Relevant Condition” for this form was set to “true”. Once I changed that relevant condition to from true to not(coupled(CurrentClient)) I was off to the races. After a few tests I think I have the single invoice printing for non coupled returns and the joint invoice printing for coupled returns.

I may be a little slower than most… but eventually I get the hang of things… :slight_smile:

I do not think you are slower than most when it comes to the template editor. I have played with the editor and found it frustrating over the years and decided to let it sit until the newer versions of the template editor arrives. Based on the Taxcycle tour, I will give the template editor another try this year and see how it works

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Hi @snoplowguy… Thanks for reporting this. I’ve asked our test team to try and reproduce it here and if they can, we can ask @cameron about addressing it. Stay tuned!

Are either of you coming to the Template Editor webinar today? You might find it interesting:
registration link is: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1756749480230655748

I just signed up! :slight_smile:

Template Editor Seminar Feedback…

I was very disappointed that I was unable to connect to the webinar – every time I tried I got a “too many sessions” or “no sessions available” message…something like that.
I was out of town and made special arrangements to be free at that time, including getting special wi-fi access for it.
As a new TaxCycle user (almost 20 years with ProFile), template customization is the last item that I need more info on – I attended Cam’s session in London recently where I learned a lot, but was REALLY looking forward to the template session.
I’ve reviewed the online help…which helped a lot.
If you recorded the webinar, can you please point me to a copy that I can either view or download?
Failing that, is there another template webinar in the very near future?

I too could not get on. Apparently there was a maximum number which was attained. I was told it will be available to watch soon, as well they are likely to setup another webinar for it next week.

It is on you tube right now if you want to see it

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I received an email with a link to the recording of the webinar here…

After watching it, all I can say is “wow”!

Looking forward to watching part 2 next week.


The final videos for both webinars are here, if you haven’t had a chance to look at them yet: