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Tax software for 2006 return

Have a client that need to files return from 2006 to 2017, mostly nil return. Wondering which software do other tax preparer recommend that can also be carried to tax cycle.

Lastly, just want to confirm that returns up to 2014 have to be paper file… right?

No, you can EFILE a T1 for 2014 unless you are using a T2201. If a new T2201, efile the return without it and then submit a T1-ADJ so it doesn’t hold up the return for 6 months

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For older returns I use Intuit ProFile. I have used this app since 2000 for the 1999 tax year. I switched to TaxCycle in 2017 for T1 2016.

Many of ProFile’s short cuts are like TaxCycle.

TaxCycle is far more powerful and easier to maintain than ProFile. However this is the closest fit and still my second choice after TaxCycle. I have used TaxPrep, Visual Tax, CanTax, Dr Tax, and consumer level tax prep apps.

I found that I had a huge learning curve with the ProFile options module when reinstalling on new computers or on wiped and reinstalled drives. So, it is really worthwhile to take notes and screen shots for your set-up, configuration options, and custom templates.

To make migration easier in ProFile I used custom folders for the following:
Templates Custom
Invoice Numbers

This saved enormous amounts of time in migrating from one computer to another.

Other considers and traps to watch out for include the following:-

  • Nul port contention between the ProFile print driver, OneNote, and Intuit QB Desktop print driver. Sometimes you need to reset the ProFile printer driver to another port. This may be solved in the current edition. It was a recurring issue from 2003 to 2015.

  • Losing the ProFile print driver when updating MS Windows. I can’t remember how to spell the driver requirement. Something like Amyuni. Anyway each edition requires a specific version of the driver and only a developer can get under the covers to help you reset this. This was a problem when loading multiple versions of Quickbooks with ProFile already installed. QBDT overrode the default Axxxx driver to an earlier version. It was a known problem which I encountered several times when in the mid 2010’s when upgrading systems and installing earlier versions of apps with older ones already installed. Now I have a spare PC which runs old apps and doesn’t interfere with new ones.

  • ProFile folder naming. I tweaked these extensively over the years.

  • Custom print sets. Best to keep notes and screen shots. They don’t carry over across years or on reinstall.

  • Custom database search. Best to keep notes and screen shots. They don’t carry over across years or on reinstall.

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Good idea. I still have Profile for 2012 and prior. It does have it’s quirks but is useable although nowhere near as good as TaxCycle. One quirk is that it takes a minute to export an invoice to quickbooks whereas taxcycle takes at most 3 seconds.

Thank you very much for all your replies. Will definitely take a look at it. Another quick question, for those returns that cannot be efile (from 2006 to 2014), which have to be paper file. Is there any form that I need to client sign off (like the T183 for efile). I am aware of the box 490 and the client signature box beside 490.

There is no requirement under the ITA to sign a paperfiled return.

Thanks! Always safe to double check the requirement :grinning:

You can’t file a T1 for 2006 or 2017 any longer. You can only go back 10 years

2008 - 2017

If the client doesn’t sign the back of the last page, CRA usually mails it back.

Hi David,

I am aware of the 10 years T1ADJ provision, but this client is filing an initial return, does the 10 years limit also apply here?

What do you expect to get out of this tax return?

If there is a refund, the CRA will not give it. If there is an amount owing, well, since the CRA did not collect, then the debt is stale. Unless you do something to open up the debt, like filing the tax return…

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Anything beyond the 10 year limit is null and void. If the prior return has a balance, you can apply under the fairness provisions to wave the penalty and possibly the interest. If special circumstances apply, then you have a better case. For lower incomes, consider late filed returns for possible missed GST credits. For returns older than 3 years old, unless there was meaningful deception that CRA can prove, they will deny the T1 Adjustments and not assess a balance. Any further debt on a previously filed return more than 3 years ago is stale.

If you voluntarily file a current ( 3 years or less ) before the CRA demands you file, you may be able to have penalty waived and just pay the debt plus interest.

Have in all my 38 years of doing tax returns never had one returned for lack of signature.

However, a T1 adjustment will be returned if not signed


Just verify with cra, they will not process return over 10 years, even for initially return. Thank you for all the response. I have considered voluntary disclosure but does not apply in my case as the client has no tax owing, which does not qualify for vd.

They won’t process if more than 10 years old. Filing returns with zero balances is only suggested if the client missed out on benefits

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End of the day, we used GenuTax for the past year returns as they are nil returns and its free. In my short experiences, compared to the users on this forum, I have used Profile, TaxPrep and CanTax. I found TaxPrep is the closest to Taxcycle (aside from the heavy cost :frowning_face:), but the carry forward function from TaxPrep/CanTax to Taxcycle is wonderful. Never a fan of ProFile as it creates a lot of glitches to our laptops in the office and combines that with the massive RAM demand from QB, which would take mins to open a file (and honestly, it was an awkward scene sitting in the room with the client while waiting for the file to open…)

Yeah, it takes TC about 3 seconds to export to QB, whereas the office i worked at earlier this year took 30 - 45 seconds to export PF to QB.