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List of clients

Does anyone know if taxprep has a window for efiled client list

TaxPrep is overpriced software. Switch to TaxCycle. More up to date. More Recent. Fraction of the cost.


And TaxCycle’s help-desk and this forum are awesome! :slight_smile:

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I don’t know how you search for eFiled status in TaxPrep. TaxPrep has expanded considerably since I last used it in 2007. I am not aware of how TaxPrep supported this functionality.

Most older architecture tax software products such as TaxPrep used a return status field. To view this field you would open a specific return. To view a report these older style apps needed to interface to a report builder. Some apps such as ProFile used a report builder such as Crystal Reports as the back end to create custom reports using the field names and operations. These reports are quite technical and require specific formating. In the case of ProFile (which I last used in 2016), you had to create a custom report for each tax year and on each computer. Then you ran the reports in a batch mode to print or to export to Excel. These custom reports were not part of the Options Module and therefore rebuilt for each and every installation. What a pain.

TaxCycle uses an independent module called Client Manager to run pre-designed, templated, and custom reports very quickly and easily. I find Client Manager to be a wonderfully designed and easy to use modern interface for tax client management.


  1. You should call Wolters Kluwer on Monday to ask tech support to help you create such a report.

  2. You might want to find a TaxPrep support form and join it, if there is one, so that you have pose TaxPrep questions in that forum.

  3. You might consider switching to TaxCycle for the new tax season. If you do, then I would recommend buying early and taking all the training courses in August and September so that you would be ready for new features intensives in Oct, Nov, Dec, and Jan.

In general, I am delighted to have switched to TaxCycle in 2017 for the 2016 and wish that I would have made the switch earlier. Previously I had used ProFile in my own practice and ProFile or TaxPrep when sub-contracting to others.

In my opinion, TaxCycle has a robust and modern interface, reasonable pricing, great training, and a fantastic tech support team. The software is very reliable. All apps have some issues. The TaxCycle team works very hard to roll out a good and bug-free product. If and when a technical issue does occur they complete a patch quickly and with clear and easy to access documentation. As far as customer requests are concerned, TaxCycle is always looking to respond and evolve with functional changes. The protaxcommunity is very active and supportive. I am very happy that I switched to TaxCycle for the 2016 tax season and onwards.

You might wish to look into using TaxCycle for the 2020 tax season.


i switched in 2012 and have never been happier. I’m forced to demean myself and use Profile at work since my boss has a hard on for intuit slofile

TaxPrep has an EFILE Log system within the client manager. You can filter on this.

You can also create a good custom filter in the tax return view of the client manager and pick up errors, etc… I did this for my now former boss. In fact, I would commonly be asked to produce (ugh!) paper reports of various situations and clients who are impacted by legislative situations.

However, my (admittedly small) experience with TaxPrep users is that the purchasers and hence the individuals personally liable do not know how to use half of what TaxPrep can do.

I am certain that I could create similar filters in TaxCycle but never spent the time learning this particular feature. Which returns to the previous paragraph and shows that I am unfortunately equally a culprit.