Tapes - printing (totals and titles)

Searched for this but couldn’t find it, hopefully it’s a new topic. I’ll put on the flame suit otherwise.

The context of my tapes usage is generally in the T2 module but might be applicable to other modules too.

A simple example for context. My GIFI P&L has other expenses which is made up of 4 different F/S lines. I use tapes to tally the total to be inputted into Other expenses.

When I print (to pdf) a draft return for review (myself/client, doesn’t really matter), the GIFI will come out then a page with the tapes for the GIFI next. However I have two suggestions

  1. When the tapes are printed can the total for each be printed too? Currently it just shows the lines but no total. Useful for review.

  2. Can each tape that is printed have the title of the line that it relates to. For example if I have a tape for Other Expenses, the line just above the printed tape could show “Other expenses - 9270” or something to that effect. I’ve had a few instances where clients ask about the breakdown of line “x” in the GIFI because they can’t easily see the split on the tape. Right now it just says “Expenses current year amount” or something generic like that for each tape.

I am loving TaxCycle since opening my own practice. I find it much more useful than Taxprep ever was as that was what I used for years.


Right now I use CalcTape for my quick compilations.

It is possible to add the GIFI line and to create a total in most (possibly all) TaxCycle tape calculatons. However it takes a bit of finessing to accomplish this. I start my first tape line with the name of the form or schedule in which I have used this tape. If I need a second line for description then I enter the box or field number. Within the tape I use the left hand column for description and hit the total at the end. Then when the many tapes are included in a single print-out I can reconcile the tapes to the field totals.
I have not tested how this works in the latest version of TaxCycle. However I have had challenges with both ProFile and TaxCycle’s tape implementation. Sometimes it takes two or three tries before I get the tape to behave as I expected it to behave. So I first create a tape using CalcTape which works much better for me.

Some others use Judy’s TenKey.

SafeSend offers an Adobe Add-on called TicTieCalculate. This requires a valid Adobe Acrobat Professional license.

Others use DoxCycle functionality.

Here is the base tape functionality in TaxCycle

I support your request to have the TaxCycle tape functions enhanced.

Here is the link to an earlier conversation re CalcTape.