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Editing the tape


How do I edit a tape? I need to add several entries to the tape and I can’t figure out how. Also how can I replace a line in the tape with a new one?



The simple answer is to wait for the January 7th release of TaxCycle.

In the current release you can only add new lines to the bottom of the tape… open the tape, press + to start with the current total and then add the additional lines.

For the last two days I’ve been working on inserting lines in the tape, allowing for you to change the sign of entries on the tape and a number of other small improvements. We’ll be releasing these new tape features in about a week or so.

Thanks for your patience.

Best regards,

~ Cameron

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On a related note I have noticed in carrying forward a 2013 return that tapes selected to carry forward descriptions are not carrying forward.



We have addressed that one too. You’ll see an improvement in the release next week.


~ Cameron


New tape version works great. I use a tape quite a bit and typically will carry forward previous years tape descriptions to the next year. The enhancements will make minor changes to carried forward tapes quite easy. Thanks.



Good news! I have a few more refinements to the tape I’d like to make, and am still interested in hearing more feedback. Note that there are a few options to customize the way the tape works under Options | Return Preparation | Edit… you may need to scroll down a little to see the tape options.

Best regards,

~ Cameron


Is there any chance that the tape function will be added to DoxCycle? It would be a perfect add-in for adding up prescription receipts or making other calculations that should reside with the PDF file.



Yes, the tape is coming to DoxCycle, in the release next week. It will be the old tape (pre-editing) initially. We’ll update the tape in DoxCycle to included the editing features later this month. We didn’t want to delay the DoxCycle release any further, because we’re anxious to get some feedback on the other new features, and expect to respond to those suggestions late January / early February. At that time, we’ll port over the tape improvements as well. (Besides, we’re all hands to deck for CRA/MRQ certifications right now)

Best regards,

~ Cameron