T5008 - Details to S3

I thought there was a way to show the details of the T5008 onto S3 like the 3M schedule.
Now the T5008 is one page at a time like the T5’s but it just shows as aggregate on the S3 with no details.

It would be nice to have a schedule for the client to review or to show the client how much work we did for the bill.

All we get now is a one line trf to the S3 and if client wants to discuss details or if we want to show all the
trades and work we did to justify the bill all there is is one line.

Pls see if can have a detail sheet print as an option like the S3 details for shares as would be very helpful.

A lot of times it would be nice on one sheet in a summary instead of having to print out the slips summary for them



You can pick to export to an excel sheet if desired.

I have to admit that I prefer this method and it is also the method used by Tprep. This way it is clear to the client how many f*ing slips were issued and the work that they put us through. Hiding the T5008 slips behind the scene implies to some that we did nothing.

Hi Tim

What method are you talking about?

Do you agree that there s/be a T 5008 schedule to print providing the details like a S3 raher than just a line
" From T5008" . The optics are the Client will not appreciate the work done and it would be easier to discuss
with them asto what they made or lost $ on.

Even something as simple as this:



After re-reading your post and subsequent posts I have to admit I really like the idea.

I guess this all the client’s see - could be 1 transaction or 100

How do we go over the trades with the client or justify the bill?

You can download the T5008 as an excel spreadsheet which has all the details summarized, print it and present to client if need be. What I normally do is enter the trades individually on the S3 and not import the T5008.

We normally ask the client for their Gain/Loss summary and don’t import any of the T5008.

If there is large volume and multiple investment accounts, we might export them to Excel so we can easily compare the total proceeds from the T5008 to the Gain/Loss Summaries we were provided, just to make sure we have them all, but otherwise, we ignore the T5008 and it’s not much extra work to enter one line item for the total net gains or losses for each investment account.