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Slip summary

I would favor changing the slip summary into a format similar to the lists of slips in the T4/T5 etc modular, where then also you will be able to sort on fields…

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I find the list on the T4/T5 module a bit small sometimes for my aging eyes. I’ve been reviewing slips at home from a PDF copy of the returns and find the current view easy to use on a 12" Chromebook screen.

I agree that an optional view like you’re suggesting would be great. It should allow sorting and even manual sorting, especially to move T3’s together that are grouped on the paper T3 copy.

You might say, that a format similar to the AFR download into Xcel is what I would prefer.

And, slips reported the shares portion from the spouse should be segragated from client’s ‘own’ slips…

I would agree AND if there is foreign Exchange like on T5008 it should be shown
Right now if you add up the totals for Gains / Losses that have foreign exchange the totals do not add up

Paul Torkoff