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Export T3's to Excel?

Like the T5008 forms, is it possible to export the T3’s to an Excel file? Even with the ability to aggregate T3’s in the AFR, I’m finding some clients with crazy #'s of T3’s from many issuers difficult to aggregate to match the T3 slips.

I want to export to an Excel file so I can group the slips using the SUMIF function in Excel to match up the data with the slips. It would be so much easier to do it that way, at least for me.

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You can aggregate the T3 and T5008’s in Taxcycle. you just keep selecting the same slip if you need to match them to your current slip and they will add them together.

Yup, I realize that, and it works fine for most clients. I have some clients, such as the one I’m working on, who have many (25 in this case) T3 slips from RBC Direct Investing, RBC Dominion Securities, RBC Investor Services, and many other issuers. It is difficult to match them in the AFR screen because many of them just say “RBC”. It would be helpful in a situation like this to be able to export into Excel. I can match them up easier using the SUM(IF function. That’s what I did in this case.

In those cases, I use the actual T3 slip to assist me in the grouping since the details are on each slip.

I use the details, too, but this client detached all the T3’s and gave me the part without the details. Old habits die hard for some people.

Yes, I know the client you speak of.

Did you know that if you click on Data and then the AFR icon,

The last import screen pops up and you can change where you imported a slip if it turns out you made a mistake and re import them. I just did this with some T3 and T5 that were posted twice without having to download them again.

Yup, thanks. Just used that this morning for the first time. I guess I’m just too used to Excel or need a lot more patience.

Ok, Sounds good. BTW, I do agree having the T3 slips export to Excel would helpful at times. Back to tax returns I guess.

Thanks for your help. Back to work … and watching my step-son’s lacrosse game.