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T5008 delete

Is there anyway to delete all the T5008’s at once and then run AFR again and amalgamate them?

You can delete each slip one at a time and run AFR again.

yeah there are 259 of them

So far all I’ve seen with AFR is it will download exactly what was reported to the CRA. Which means, that every single investment transaction that is reported to the CRA gets downloaded as a new slip. We have started doing a spread sheet to confirm the amounts and then enter them on the S3, but we are also looking for a way to delete all the slips at once rather than one by one.

Do you have a backup of the file, before the AFR?

Or, it maybe easier simply to redo the file…

Having the ability to clear all the AFR data in a file would be a helpful addition for this tax year @Cameron


I had this problem last year but worse - each of the slips (I was using Profile then) ALSO had to be changed from reporting as interest income to cap gains. Blech. And confirming amounts on people with significant transaction volumes was an enormous pain. I haven’t had to do that yet this year, but I know it’s coming…

Selective aggregation (I believe that’s possible?) and bulk deletion would be handy, but I’ll maybe take the easy route and do an AFR, backup and check that data first, and if necessary re-AFR the person into a replacement file.

Then do the rest of the return. At least that’s my theory for now.

we now have the ability to download into an Excel file. That will address those problems.

It would be nice to have the option to completely delete all T5008, not just cross out . I do like the excel spreadsheet. Having an option to start over again, either to import again to aggregate all slips or to import to excel.

In the new update they show how to delete multiple slips at once.