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T4A recorded by not reported

We have a T4A that was recorded in 2017 TaxCycle box 20. But because a T2125 was not created or selected it ignored this income and did not report it. There was no review warnings and still is none! How can there be no warnings on not reporting income??? I understand a T2125 should have been created but a simple review message would have caught this.
Also if no 2125 is selected it should automatically be reported on lines 166 and 139 as opposed to ignoring it all together!
Can you please add a review message if no 2125 has been selected for Box 20 on a T4A?

Hi I Concur… an Error message is essential.

Also… i have had problems that the T2125 does not always appear in a drop down box even though one was carried forward from previous year… seem to work if i created a new form… but I don’t want to create a new form as i lose my comparative data… i have use the override and manually put it in on the T2125 on numerous occasions. Looking back should have advised taxcycle of this glitch.


On the return does a warning message should come up once you enter income on box 20 on a T4A

Please see below image:

Is it possible that this was signed off?


I can send you my file and where there is zero warning messages in the 2017 module. It looks like you have created a T2125. In my case there was no T2125 created yet. And even when created I did not get the highlight box. I think there is a glitch here.

Unlock the file and so to Pamela’s return and T4A….no warning.

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(Attachment Jacobs, Michael & Pamela.2017T1 is missing)

@tim1 – There is a message but someone in your organization has signed it off.

Please look on the review tab, and select “signed off messages” from the dropdown. You’ll see that the message is there, and it has been signed off. If you hover over the message, it will show you the name of the person, and the time at which this message was ignored.

You are absolutely correct! A staff member signed off on the message. This is our fault and I will change our internal procedures to catch this in the future.
But could I suggest that not reporting income is an unacceptable situation and Taxcycle take a stronger stance. If you sign off on the message and now the income goes no where (Unreported), this is an acceptable situation? Why report the T4A at all if this was acceptable. I would think not reporting income is unacceptable; therefore this return should not be allowed to be filed or can not be signed off or then the income is reported on lines 166 and 139 automatically. Again this was our mistake, but we build software to catch the stupid , and this clearly was stupid on our part. Thank you for you time.

@tim1 – The message cannot be signed off in the 2018 T1, at least for now. We’ve had conversations with some preparers that feel that all messages should be able to be signed off, so we’ll see if this causes any other problems.

Had this issue with one of our users.


If there is an amount in Box 028 and/or 048 of a T4A slip, TaxCycle requires you to ship it to a T2125 before it recognizes it as income. Wondering if a default option would simply be to ship it directly to the StatementSum like you do for T5013 (“Income from slips”). If we do not need to fill out a T2125 for this type of income, most users would prefer not to and just have you populate the SDF on efile the same way you do for T5013 (e.g., box 116).