T4 Internet Issues

I was in the process of internet filing a set of T4’s today and something must have glitched during the transmission. The log file says Attempted to transmit T4 Internet data then the next item says The status of T4 internet transmission attempt is unknown. Neither a successful or rejected response was received.

Whatever may have happened during transmission is not really the issue;

The problem I am having is when I go back into the Transmit section of the T4’s, the light blue link that says “Dismiss and start again” is a completely dead link; meaning when I click on that it does nothing.

Since the “Dismiss and start again” link doesn’t work is there a way I can manually clear the transmission attempt and actually file these T4 slips or do I need to redo all of the T4’s from start?

T4 Internet

I had something similar a few days ago and then resubmitted.
Got a call from CRA today telling me they received it twice.

The problem I’m having is I can’t resubmit.
The “Dismiss and start again” link doesn’t work.

CRA have confirmed they did not receive the transmission.

Just call Taxcycle, well Zero and let us know the solution should in case we have the same issue.

Any solution on this? I am having the same issue … so frustrating!

I did not find a solution, downloading the newest version of TaxCycle did not help.

Although I shouldn’t have had to, the most expedient workaround for me was to delete the file and completely redo that set of T4’s. :unamused:

I’m having intermittent issues transmitting too.

@snoplowguy did you try unlocking the file? TaxCycle seems to bar you from dismissing those messages if the file is locked.

The file is not locked.
As I mentioned, the clickable link that says “Dismiss and start again” is a completely dead link.