T4 imports from Excel

I was playing with the T4 import from Excel today in the hopes of standardizing some of our spreadsheets so we can import and eliminate entering things twice.

It looks like in files that are carried forward with existing staff, the import will over-write based on Employee SINs (this is different from what I read on the site which seems to indicate it is based on the order of the rows). Is this correct?

Assuming that is correct, my suggestion is to use the column titles to determine what should be over-written and what should be left as it is. Since most of our client’s employees continue from year to year, it would be easier to manually key new addresses, etc and just import the new numbers. This would save time in having to add all of those addresses,etc., to the spreadsheet. My thought is to set up the import so that only the fields with a column title in the worksheet will be updated, and other fields will be left as is.

If can be done, we could just add a standardized sheet (labeled T4) to the workbooks that we prepare to summarize and adjust that will pull the SINs and the applicable numbers, then drop that on the carried forward file. At that point we could add any missing data on new employees or address changes for existing employees.

This would not reduce any current functionality since if all the applicable column titles are included everything would be over-written as it is now.

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Thanks @matthew. I know you have already received a direct response from our development team, but I wanted to update the thread so that anyone else watching will know what is coming.

In an upcoming release we are going to change the import to not overwrite the existing address if it’s blank in the spreadsheet.

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