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T3010 enhancements

I realize the T3010 isn’t a big deal generally (except for those of us who do them…) but I have a few comments as am currently working on one and it’s driving me nuts!

  1. The screen constantly resets itself to a different location in the return. ie. I have both 2017 and prior year open - whenever I switch to the “other” return, the cursor always immediately moves to some quite different location in the return than where I left it. And the same happens on returning to the primary window (less so, but occasionally).

  2. Some kind of an ability to either (a) import info to the T1235 or (b) edit - particularly dates of service/term - in bulk. This is especially tiresome for those orgs with significantly sized boards and repetitive terms.

Small complaint, but would save time. And, frankly, most charities don’t have a lot extra these days to spend on accounting fees. :slight_smile: So, saving a bit of time and aggro is helpful to all.

Well, I discovered that at least I can copy/paste dates over top of each other (but for some reason and only in some spots, not postal codes…go figure!).

Where can’t you copy postal codes? It should work everywhere.

Also, have you tried the Ditto Key which works in tables???