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T3010 Review Note Suggestions

Just have a couple suggestions for the T3010 module, as it’s that time of year around here:

  • On Schedule 6, if the total of lines 5000 - 5040 don’t equal the amounts at lines 4950 and 5031, it would be handy to have a review message pop up until they do. Ideally if the autofix could = the residual value needed to be entered on line 5000 to make the totals match, as that’s usually the way we prep it (i.e. we usually identify the amounts to carve out for the other lines and the residual is the amount directed to their charitable activities)
  • The addition of prior year values shown throughout the return (specifically on schedule 6) would also be a huge help (similar to the T2 Schedule 1 implementation that we love!).

As always, thanks for your consideration!


Like it! The T3010 has always been a weak module (even in competitor offerings) because it just isn’t “that” important, I’d guess…I usually keep the prior year on the other screen as I work my way forward, together with a copy of the F/S. I have few rather complex ones I file each year, so that makes it a bit easier on the brain.

And the T1235 is a real pain. I have one org with a dozen directors, half of whom change each year or so. I’d like to be able to “tick” the ones to retain and just “lose” the ones who have departed.

I agree that prior year would be helpful. I also keep the prior return open on the second screen, but it would be much easier on the eyes if it was in a comparison column like thebT2 does.

T1235 - I use the “departed” ones for the new ones by simply overwriting them. For the most part, the number of directors remains the same each year.