T3 received by a corporation

Hi friends, I am looking for some help reporting income on T3 received by a corporation. In particular how to report the dividends income and capital gains on the T3.
Capital gains probably go on S6 somewhere? as part 4 other properties? but I do not have cost and proceeds information.
Dividends need to go on S7?

Thanks a lot for your time :slight_smile:

You don’t need cost basis to report the capital gains reported on a T3. The amount of capital gains reported on the T3 have already taken the costs basis into consideration. These are just the capital gains distributed by the funds that the T3 is covering. You could report them as gross proceeds without any cost basis in Part 1 of Schedule 6.

If the dividends are eligible (Box 49) or other than eligible (Box 23) (i.e. domestic) they should be reported on Schedule 3 Part 1.

Also, all these items should be reported in the GIFI as well. The Capital gains amount would be deducted on s.1 with the taxable amount being added. The eligible Canadian dividend amount would be taken out on the Jacket (line 320) and Part IV tax would be calculated on s.3.

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Really appreciate it Jeremy!!