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T3 Application for a Trust Account number

This form is a great candidate to add to the T1 module, and failing that to the T3 module

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We will look at adding this in…likely will come in T3 module but likely for the next year version of the module.

~ Rob

@Rob Noticed it is already in the T3 module now… Not sure when you added it…

Would be useful to file this application at the same time as doing the final T1, so that we can also apply for authorization as soon as the number is received, hence the suggestion to put it in the T1 module

Hi Bert

It isn’t in the T3 module yet…we will consider which module it best fits in, this may also mean it makes into the Forms module when we add it in. Thanks for the suggestion!

~ Rob

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@Rob - major memory failure… went to check the file and noticed I used the fill in PDF from CRA…

If you add it in the forms module, remember also to add into each other module under tools to ‘create forms’