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T3APP Form

Does anyone know where to find the T3APP form in TaxCycle? If it does not exist, could it be added please?

We don’t have it presently. It is on the list for a future year, although not likely for the coming tax season.

Any progress on TaxCycle including this form into the Program? This is the season that we make use of this form.

Jim Burch

This will be coming in an upcoming T3 filing release in the 2017 T3 module which we should have ready within the next few weeks.

  • Rob

Oohh… What about Quebec Trusts?

That requires substantial development time and certification with Revenu Québec…that being said - we will see what we can do.

~ Rob

I will remind you that Estate Executors can reside in Quebec just as easily as they can in Ontario. If you can’t do a Quebec trust, I have to find another way, which usually means looking at your competitor.

just saying…

We have added TP646 to the T3 module with the exception of not supporting non-resident beneficiaries. It is in build 32949, which we provided as a manual download today.

~ Rob

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Just used it… Thank you! I am thrilled!