T2202 tuition input screen

Is there a another purpose for this new and improved input screen?

Does the session period serve a purpose that I am not aware of?

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This is how CRA gives us the data, so we are passing it along.

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Ok, I thought my staff keyed it since it could be modified. Never thought to ask my staff if they did it.

That is a nice feature

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Changes should be above, not on the CRA fields.

One client was a part-time student in one institutions and a full time student ion another during the month of March. Only the one claim per month is allowed so I claimed the full time and ignored the part-time.

(This makes reviewing a NIGHTMARE! :-1: )

Are people generally seeing this information available from Auto Fill ?

I have not seen any yet. I have some from one of the largest colleges in Ontario and nothing yet. The college does have the student’s SIN on the form so that is not the issue.

From CRA website…

In 2017 CRA changed how Tuition receipt claims are processed.

  • Federal - tuition amount
  • Provincial - varies by province

Those provinces who still apply education and text book credits must ensure that no more than one full-time credit is applied for any single month when there are multiple tuition receipts. For this reason these must be a reconciliation of the maximum education and tuition credit per year.

Please note that tuition amounts are now claimable for non-post secondary training as well.

"Note: Line 32300 was line 323 before tax year 2019.

The federal education and textbook tax credits were eliminated in 2017.

To see if you are eligible to claim a provincial or territorial amount, go to [Income tax package]

(https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/forms-publications/tax-packages-years/general-income-tax-benefit-package.html). "

CRA S11 - please note changes from prior years - boxes 32005, 32010, 32020


CRA ABS11 - please note number of months used to calculate boxes 59160 + 59180

Additional resources:




Student Folios
Folios express CRA’s technical interpretation and some administrative policies.

Taxpayers seeking a less technical overview of the legislation pertaining to students and the various tax credits available may prefer to first review Pamphlet P105 – Students and Income Tax, the Students information page or the Video Series – Canadian Students and Income Tax on the CRA website.


Income Tax Folio S1-F2-C1, Qualifying Student and the Education and Textbook Tax Credits


Income Tax Folio S1-F2-C2, Tuition Tax Credit


Income Tax Folio S1-F2-C3, Scholarships, Research Grants and Other Education Assistance