Client letter - tuition

We noticed that in the client letter when there is no federal tuition carry forward, but there is provincial carry forward, the letter includes a comment that “you have Federal tuition credits of $0.00 …”, so we tweaked the template a bit so when there is provincial but no federal credit carry forward, there is no reference to the federal amount. I though I would share our changes in case anyone else wanted to use it:

{{#T1Summary.CarryForward.M[1]>0 or T1Summary.CarryForward.M[2]>0}}
Tuition amounts
We see that you have unused {{# T1Summary.CarryForward.M[1]>0}}Federal tuition amounts of {{ format(T1Summary.CarryForward.MField[1]) }}, {{/end}} {{# T1Summary.CarryForward.M[1]>0 and T1Summary.CarryForward.M[2]>0}} and {{/end}}{{# T1Summary.CarryForward.M[2]>0}}provincial tuition amounts of {{ format(T1Summary.CarryForward.MField[2]) }},{{/end}} to carry forward to next year. Please confirm {{# T1Summary.CarryForward.M[1]>0 and T1Summary.CarryForward.M[2]>0}}these amounts{{/end}}{{# not(T1Summary.CarryForward.M[1]>0 and T1Summary.CarryForward.M[2]>0)}}the amount{{/end}} with your Notice of Assessment when received, and advise us of any differences.{{/end}}



Thanks… I’ve incorporated this change in the default letters for the next release.

~ Cameron

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