T2125 not flowing to Total Income

Anyone else having issues with T2125 net profit not flowing to Total Income?

We’re investigating now. We’ve pulled down the latest release, and will add a news item once we know what’s happening. For now, please revert to the last release from March 11th.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Files created with the new version do not want to open with the old version.

Is there a remedy for that?

Not yet.

Wait until Monday… If you have something really urgent you can send it to me via e-Courier and I can downgrade it.

I have fixed the underlying issue, I just don’t have any QA staff to review it until Monday…

~ Cameron

Cameron have sent you email

Removed posted in error

Shout out to Cameron and team for getting this issue resolved almost immediately.

Great job and another solid reason to support TaxCycle


The release is up… and it’s the same version I gave to you.

No changes to the client manager in this version, so not sure what is causing your issue.

I’ve cc’d Andrew to see if he has ideas.

~ Cameron

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Just needed a re-index so all is good.

Glad it worked for you


Yes. TC is always up to date, it doesn’t take forever to reach support, it’s innovative and doesn’t crash all the time. Even the tech agents for intuit call profile a dinosaur and the programmers are busy moving it to a different platform.

Cameron wrote profile and over the years, intuit ruined it by patching it

@Cameron @sarka Issue is back with version 10.1.42835.0.

May I have details? It’s working in all my tests.

I also added automated tests which check this each time we do a new build, and they all passed.

Sent the file by ecourier.

Maybe I’ve missed something, but you have the spouse’s own name in the “Details of Other Partners”, and you have allocated 100% to her there, thus there is nothing left to flow to the jacket.

What am I missing? I’m not sure what you want to show there.

That solved my issue - don’t know how the spouse’s own name ended in the “Details of Other Partners”.