T2 AFR Review Message for NCLs

It seems like there isn’t a review message that pops up if the “non-capital losses at the end of the previous tax year” per AFR doesn’t agree to the corresponding T2S4 value? Could you please consider adding one if there isn’t? I use T2 AFR all the time now at the review stage, and having review messages for any inconsistencies really speeds things up versus having to double check them manually.

As always, thanks for your consideration!!

That message is already in TaxCycle. TaxCycle compares the opening balance in S4 (amount e above line 100 in S4) with the downloaded amount in T2AFR worksheet. If there is a mismatch, then we pop a review message. Since the CRA’s data does not provide non-cap losses by year (yeah, I know…kind of defeats the purpose without aging of the losses), unfortunately, we cannot add a QuickFix to update the amounts in S4WS continuity table.

If you have a file that does not pop this mismatch message after T2AFR downloads the non-cap loss data, send it to our support via e-courier with my attention and I will take a look.



Thanks Steven,

I just did a fresh carry forward of the PY file and re-AFR’d, and while I’m getting all the other review messages for AFR differences (GRIP, RDTOH), the NCL one still isn’t popping up. I’ve double checked I didn’t accidentally disable it, which doesn’t appear to be the case. I’ll send you the file - thanks for looking into this!

Thanks for the file. In the file, I confirmed that a non-cap loss of zero was downloaded and imported. However, the review message was checking to see if this downloaded amount was not equal to zero hence, not triggering the message. I will have this fixed for the next release. I also found the same issue with CDA so I fixed that one as well. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


Great - thanks so much!