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T1 review note suggestion for RRSP type

I have a minor review message suggestion that I think would be helpful.

If there is RRSP info entered into a row in the worksheet, and a preparer hasn’t selected a “type” (it looks like they would have to accidentally delete the “type”), no deduction occurs, and there is no review message generated to identify this.

Could you please add a review message to flag when this is the case? For example, one similar to when no contribution period is selected, which has the same result.

Thanks for your consideration!

If you enter ONLY the amount and do not fill in the Issuer or Contribution period NO deductions occurs as well

Done, look for it in our next release

~ Rob

Thanks, @Rob!

The issuer is not mandatory so we have left a suggestion only message on that one - if you have an amount and a contribution period but no issuer the deduction will still calculate. The contribution period on the other hand fills out lines 2 and 3 of Schedule 7 so is required for accurate completion of the Schedule and calculating the deduction, we have a caution warning on the contribution field rather than a suggestion.

~ Rob