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T2PaymentDueDateWS Question 3 calculation

I have a small suggestion for the T2PaymentDueDateWS, specifically in regards to Question 3:

If there is prior year data available (which is the case most of the time here), I think it would be beneficial to have the answer to Question 3 on this worksheet calculate automatically (instead of prompting the user to respond in a review message). Taken a step further, adding a review message to flag if this response differs from the calculated value would also be helpful.

We had this sneak through filled out incorrectly on a T2 recently, which is hopefully rare considering how simple the worksheet is; however, it’s a tricky one to catch in review.

Thanks for your consideration!

@Steven do you think this would be possible? One of our partners here is giving me the gears over this little issue…

@rick.s I have logged your suggestion in our system. Thank you!


Thanks Steven – very much appreciated!