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T1A printing

Is there a way to have the T1A (request for loss carryback) only print when a loss is carried back rather than whenever there is a loss?

We don’t want to take it out of the print set, but we also don’t want it to print if there is no loss being carried back.

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Not sure if it still the case but it was being added to the billing even when no loss was being carried back as well.

@matthew @Arliss

@Rob has changed the print condition to the T1A to line up with what you want (what it should be).

In this case the billing and the printing trigger from the same line of code, so both will be changed. Hopefully no one wants to bill just for having a loss available… if you do, let me know and I will add a separate price line for that.

~ Cameron

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@Cameron You might want to extend this billing method to the Schedule 11 as well. Currently it will bill out if there is a carry forward from previous years even if you are not applying any of it.


@Rob is on it. For next release, planned for tomorrow.

~ Cameron

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@Cameron Another billing area that I think should change, but it may be just me, is the Schedule 8. It now bills virtually always with overpayments being calculated on it now. If there was a way that could be changed to only bill when certain parts of the form are completed ie. exclude Part 3.