t1 adj -

CRA disallowed a credit claim of a carry forward amount on a client’s tax return. When I contacted CRA to discuss this, they agreed that the credit should have been allowed. They told me to file a T1-ADJ,they would not adjust on their end. The question I have what would be the correct procedure for me to get Tax Cycle to generate a T1-ADJ.

What I done was save the file with a different name, then deleted the original carry forward, then saved it again and then when I opened it again and added the carry forward credit and then it generated a T1-ADJ which I printed.

My question is, is this what most would do in this circumstance or is there an easier or better way.


There is a much easier way.

If the return is prepared correctly to begin with, override with the changes made by CRA. Take a snapshot, and then remove the overrides.

Now Taxcycle will tell you the return has been changed, and will promt you to do an adjustment.