T3 Loss Carryback

Does anyone have any experience or can confirm either way whether the T3A - Request for Loss Carryback by a Trust gets Efiled with the T3 return and automatically processed or does it need to be mailed in separately?

In my case I have capital losses on a 2022 T3 return that I would like to carry back to the 2021 T3 return. This is not a subsection 164(6) transfer to the final T1, just a plain Jane loss carryback.

I know that loss carryback requests for efiled T1 returns get processed automatically by the CRA

I suppose the reason for my second guessing here is the T3A form has a certification area at the bottom that requires a signature. It almost seems as if the request needs to be mailed and manually processed.

Thanks in advance.

I just checked the .json file and the values from the T3A are included in the transmission of the T3Return.


I can confirm that it’s included as part of the Efiled T3 return as of the 2022 tax year - all the fields with a black filled in background like 66270,66260 etc. are the electronically filed fields that would be submitted.

~ Rob


Thanks @darlene and @Rob

I checked the .json file and there is a value of the amount of the loss carry-back in field 66380 (Net capital loss to be applied to the first previous tax year-end) so I will proceed under the assumption the 2021 T3 will be re-assessed automatically to claim the capital loss carry-back.

thanks again

No Joy… :frowning_face:

I called the CRA this morning to check on the status of the loss carryback that was submitted with this 2022 T3 return. The client representative informed me they have have not processed the loss carryback as they have no record of a loss carryback being requested.

She suggested the only thing I could do is send in a signed T3A - Request for Loss Carryback by a Trust.

Other than that… she says 2022 T3 has been assessed and in their eyes nothing further is being done with the file.

I don’t know if this was part of the “everything sent to CRA that the computer couldn’t handle during their strike last spring got flushed down the toilet” or if there is a glitch in the Efiling of T3 returns.