T183 - Express Notice of Assessment

I noticed in the instruction page of T183 - the section for Express NOA says that you “must select the second tick box in Part F on Page 1 of this form”. This is repeated twice (first and third paragraph).
It should say “select the third box” and not the “second box”

In their infinite wisdom, CRA decided to combine the first 2 boxes they had on the 2017 version of the T183 into a single one, registering or already registered for online mail. However, we need to know which one applies to your client, are they signing up or are they already signed up. So on screen you will see two separate boxes, like last year, and these match the selections on the Info page, on the right side of the Filing section.
When you print the form, you will see only the single box that is on the official CRA version. The notes on page 2 are those of the official form so that when you present the form to the client for their signature, they can read the notes and have them follow what they see on page 1.

Thank you for pointing this out!